Jumat, 23 September 2011


I am not as brave, beautiful, and patient as you are
But I am safe in your arms I listen as you say
"I'm proud of who you've become
and the person you will be tomorrow..."
And I know I would give anything up for you...

I am not that brave
Sometimes I need to hear you whisper
"Everything's O.K... You'll be fine
I'll help you find your way..."
'Cause I have nothing but faith in you
All that I am is what you are and we are
I would give anything up for you...

I'll follow through I promise to you
I'll never let go won't let you down
If you can stay proud I'll be brave somehow...

Whisper... You can save me I am listening
I am waiting for your best to come alive
And help me understand the reasons why
I'm here now living a feeling unlike my fear
Outside of this life I am here now for you...

Especially for my father and my mother
written by Gavin Mikhail

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